Free Mold Inspection

Our trained professionals will complete a visual inspection and air tests  and swabs of areas affected and send them to the lab to determine presence of mold. After the results are received we will be able to provide you with free customized estimates and remediation scoop of work.

Mold Remediation

We will start with containment of all areas and cover with plastic all furniture, appliances and other contents you have inside the house from getting dust. Our mold technicians will then start removal of all areas affected by mold by tearing out all dry walls, wood, ceiling, insulation. We will then apply a coating of material to kill mold spores. After this, mold technicians will set air scrubbers and dehumidifiers, HEPA filtration and negative air handlers to bring the fresh air next to the areas effected by mold for approximately 5 days. Upon obtaining clearance that mold is no longer present, an additional layer of protection will be applied, and our team will leave your house neat and clean.

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