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Sometimes the damage may seem minor, as if it is just a small stain. However, when not treated promptly, water can cause major damage which in turn turns into mold and damages the entire structure of the house. Common causes of water damage includes roof damage, leaking pipes, clogged air conditioner units, different damaged causes within bathrooms and kitchens. The main step in any water damage cleanup is water extraction, which includes drying the excess or standing water. With the proper machines and technologies, all surfaces will be dried completely within 5 days before any repair work on the property can be done. Our team will sanitize affected surfaces upon completion of the job. Our licensed professionals are here to help you.  We will create a custom recovery solution which may include the usage of air movers, injected dry and dehumidifiers.  


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Locating a Leak

Leaks can occur almost anywhere in your home:

Roof Leak:


If you have a leaky roof, it can result in extensive damage if not treated immediately. We have found that many roof leaks often go unnoticed until major damage has been done, endangering the structural integrity of your roof. In order to avoid major roofing mishaps and costly repairs, we provide free leak detection to immediately address the problem, locate and repair the leak and help prevent future roof leaks altogether.

Broken Pipe:

If you have a broken or leaky pipe, Royal Water Damage can help! When dealing with a damaged pipe, first our technicians will stop and fix the bursted pipe and/or the damaged area in order to prevent any further damages. We have specialized water extraction and water removal equipment that are able to dry out your structure and restore it to its original condition. We also have moisture meter readers and thermal images scanners which give us the opportunity to check for any potential hidden leaks and moisture. 

Air Conditioning:


Air conditioning units are prime candidates for leaks, which is why it's important to have a professional inspect all aspects of the system for leaks, damages, and clogs. These leaks are often slow and behind the walls and ceilings, meaning they can be difficult to find and mold growth is likely, which in turn can spread and cause severe health issues. 

Dishwasher Water Line:

A dishwasher leak will generally be caused by the drain line or the supply line. Drain line leaks can either be slow or fast, and they often contain bacteria in the line and can damage the kitchen cabinets. Supply lines are under heavy water pressure, and these leaks result in overflows that can damage the floor, kitchen cabinets, and walls. If you have a leaking dishwasher and want it to be fixed by a professional, Royal Water Damage are here to help!

Refrigerator Water Line:


Most refrigerators available in today's market need a water pipe supply lines that connect to the refrigerator, which can easily burst and cause damages to the kitchen cabinets, flooring, and walls. These types of damages can easily occur when moving the refrigerator for cleaning purposes, or upon initial installation. 

Faucet and Sinks:


According to the EPA, the average family wastes 180 gallons of water a year due to household leaks. If your sink was not connected properly or if you tend to store excess items under the sink the p-trap can become damaged and leak toxic sewer smells into your home. If your faucet is loose or busted, that can quickly cause a leak which can create immense damages in your home.  

Garbage Disposal:


If your garbage disposal motor is broken, leaking, or clogged; that can easily cause damages to your kitchen cabinets, walls, and floors. These causes might cause mold growth and can cause immense health concerns. 

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