CDC Approved and EPA Registered

Disinfectants used with Nano ULV/Thermal Fogging Treatment

with an efficiency of >99.9999% against all pathogen groups in seconds.

Our disinfecting and sanitizing service are safe, effective and affordable. The Product we use is non-allergenic and poses no risk to humans, animals plants or the environment.

Every one needs to be concerned with keeping their environment virus, bacteria and germ-free;  from residential to businesses.

With our affordable packages available for fast disinfection, there's no better time to make sure your family, employees, homes & businesses are protected.


You can afford to disinfect on a regular basis!

Exterminators come in regularly to get rid of household pest, bugs, mice, bees, etc., but how about those nasty bugs that you can’t see? The ones that are not just nuisances, but the ones that can make you or your loved ones sick…doesn’t it make sense to regularly protect against these dangers? Let us help you to minimize the risks! Schedule your daily / weekly / monthly sanitizing service!


Our goal is to provide the very best in Home, Commercial, Emergency and Institutional Disinfection, And to always deliver the latest technology along with the best customer service. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy and SAFE.

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